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🍩 "Donut Rounds" Podcast: Med School Hack! 🎙️ Dive into a circle of medical minds, spill patient case secrets, and savor OSCE-style spice! 🌟 Your shortcut to donut wisdom! 💉 #MedHack #DonutWisdom 🍩

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Hello, I am dr. Devendra, Your co-Host.

Hello, I’m Dr. Senan Devendra, MD, MRCP, serving as a passionate consultant in Acute Medicine and Endocrinology at Watford General Hospital. Since obtaining my medical qualification in 1994, I’ve dedicated myself to the field, earning the distinction of being a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. My expertise includes special clinical interests such as radioiodine treatment for thyroid disorders, and managing diabetes.

Apart from my role in the National Health Service (NHS), I’m deeply committed to undergraduate teaching and assessment, finding joy in sharing knowledge with aspiring medical professionals. That was part of the inspiration for utilizing Donut Rounds with the medical students I supervise in their Internal Medicine rotations and elective placements. Stop by and join us in one of our Donut Rounds!

Dr. Senan Devendra


Hi, I Am SAdik, Your OTHER co-Host.

Hello, I’m Sadik Uddin, your co-host at “Donut Rounds: Doctors’ Circle of Wisdom” on Spotify. My academic journey started with a BA in English and American Literature at NYU, followed by a dual-degree MD/MPH at St. George’s University. Beyond the books, I’ve been deeply involved in community outreach, teaching at-risk youth in NYC and even worked as a self-taught full-stack developer.

As a leader in SGU’s Gold Humanism Honor Society, I’ve championed service projects and fostered unity within our medical community. My commitment extends globally to public health initiatives, where I drive community-oriented programs and international case studies on chronic diseases. Through the podcast and as a peer mentor, I’m igniting critical thinking among medical students, urging them to share experiences and unravel the intricacies of medical treatments and diseases. With an unwavering passion for compassionate patient care and relentless innovation, I’m on a mission to embody the timeless values of the Hippocratic Oath in every heartbeat of my healthcare journey.

Sadik Uddin


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Rumana, MS BS Microbiologist

Hey there! Your podcast has become my daily companion on my way to work. Even though I'm more into the nitty-gritty of laboratory aspects as a microbiologist, the discussions led by medical students on unique patient cases are both intriguing and enlightening. It's like a backstage pass into the minds of doctors and student doctors, and it's helping me communicate the information I provide in the lab to my colleagues in a more relatable way. Each episode feels like we're on an exciting journey together, unraveling the rich tapestry of medical experiences. Can't wait for more engaging stories!

SGU Anonymous Participant SGU Year 3 Medical Student

Being able to chat about intriguing patient cases and pass on what I've learned to fellow students is such a joy. The wisdom from upper-termers and consultants/attendings has been a game-changer, providing me with vital insights that have really deepened my understanding of the diseases and their management that I've been presenting.

Dr. Ali Medical Doctor | SGU Alumnus

Being a U.S. medical doctor, we dive into specialized careers right from the start, unlike our British counterparts. There are pros and cons to this approach, as with anything in life. However, I find immense value in listening to medical students present on a diverse array of topics. It not only triggers memories from my own medical school days but also keeps me connected with various disorders and diseases that may not be part of my day-to-day in my specific field. It's a refreshing way to stay relevant and expand my insights beyond my specialized training.

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